History of criminal psychology — period (historical event)

Many people interesting in dramatic happens such as murder cases, kidnapping, or serious killers. However, most people don’t have any common knowledge of where this criminal psychology or criminal profiler came from. It’s been almost a thousand years so fat. As people lived, there must have been a lot of situations. Many criminals will kill people, steal people’s precious things. This happened when people existed on earth. Therefore, there are people who start studying these criminal cases. For example, why do criminals make these bad things happen, and why did they kill people with some ideas. In the early years of the 20th century, some psychologists began to study criminal behavior and to speculate about the causes of crime. First, researchers have defined criminal psychology as the study of the psychological principles of criminal behavior. Criminal psychologists can say that the cause of the crime is to conduct psychological research on the cause of the crime and to induce the criminal to confess according to the definition that identifies the criminal’s characteristics. The first criminal psychology, prior to the Enlightenment period, was determined by superstition, religion, and the common sense and will of judges. For instance, the Tense Act, the Spanish and witch hunts. Classical criminology appeared in the 18th century during the Enlightenment period. Classical criminology is based on the premise that people have a free will to choose criminal methods as a means of meeting needs or solving problems. Therefore, humans can reasonably calculate according to their free will and view human hedonistic character as the cause of crime. As time progressed, people’s views on criminals changed. Criminology that entered the 19th century is called positivism criminology. This criminology has studied what can be empirically proven through the five senses of human beings. I think criminals are formed by many factors. Therefore, it was said that the purpose of criminology in the 19th century was to find the cause of the criminal and return to society through the method of edification. Coming into the 21st century, criminologists sought to know people’s minds and the footsteps they had lived in. It can also be said that criminology in the 21st century is to find out if they have a grudge, to interview criminals, and to find out what’s inside of them. This morden criminal psychology help when find the criminal. This criminal psychology study of criminal behavior and they apply when they interview with criminal.